CVE vulnerabilities on Google Chrome prior to releases around on Dec. 2022

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Google Chrome vulnerabilities

CVE-2023-0140 (and more)

Chrome on Windows (and more), whose version is prior to 109.0.5414.74, has risk to make remote attack easy.

109 was released around last month.

-- Recommended to update.

Other vulnerabilities

CVE-2023-0140 (and more)
That on Windows (and more)

Other vulns related to Chrome prior to 109.0.5414.74, including Android, ChromeOS, etc.:

CVE-2023-0128, 0129, 0130, 0131, 0132, 0133, 0134, 0135, 0136, 0137, 0138, 0139, 0141.

As to Chromium

Well, some of CVE security severity on Chromium, which Chrome based on: High or Medium.

As to Microsoft Edge

As Chromium is affected, Microsoft Edge is possibly also affected.

As to Chrome OS / ChromeBook

As the vulnerabilities on Chrome OS are also registered (as CVE-2023-0128,0137), ChromeBook should be updated perhaps soon as possible.


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Chrome / Chromium Vulns CVE-2023-0140 etc.

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