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We support the growth of your business


Cybersecurity enhancement

Threats in cyberspace are increasing both in quality and quantity. We offer incidents investigation in an emergency. For the good future of yours, we also support security audits or education for safety and security.


New technology introduction support

We have worked for many projects for business innovation, taking part in since the stages for requirements analysis or definition. Improvement of productivity, realization of plans or concepts, modernization, integration with legacy assets, etc. Actual feasibility verification for specific technologies, of course, is also available.


Projects management and facilitation

Projects involving a large number of people often tend to have issues on communication gaps and decreased productivity. As "the professionals in dealing with information", we mitigate them and contribute to the success.


Communication with engineers and stakeholders both in English and in Japanese are available. We have interacted with staffs of AWS in the US etc.

How about your situation

Don't you have the ones like these or similar ones ?


Technical challenges / issues

Migration to cloud, digitization encouragement, mobile apps development, introduction of AI or RPA... Although you want some of them, It's difficult to make the prospects because there are no experienced / knowledgeable people.

Difficulty on projects promotion

Expected productivity within or between teams have not been achieved. You feel there are promotional or communication challenges.

Security concerns

In case that, for examples: You are worried about whether you have protection strong enough against threats. Or about information breach. You don't know what to do when an incident happens.

Could you please tell me more about it ?

We may be able to solve your problem.

May we help you?

We as a company have the following characteristics.

Advanced technology and robust flexible design

We make best efforts to follow the latest trends on techlonogy and know what's stable and commercially adoptable. We can help you both when you want to introduce advanced technology and when you want to build stable infrastructure. Also, we have several achievements to support to work with new architecture or concept.

Contributions to projects success

We have extensive experience on team development. We offer consultation on team building and communication management. We have contributed to success of big projects which are over a couple of years.

Security for your peace of mind

Cybersecurity, dealing with computers, is based on the accumulation of diligent and practical efforts by human. We will consult with you on each of your concerns. Please feel easy to rely on us.

Our spirit and backbone

We as a company value relationships of trust. We observe commercial distribution in accordance with the civil laws. We have reliable skills and achievements / experiences from the actual fields. We have various qualifications including the national qualification "IT Strategist".

Who we are

Company Information

The Basic

Scqr Inc. [secureal] (株式会社 セキュリアル)
For companies / institutions
  • ICT consulting
  • Cybersecurity
  • Apps development
  • Servers & Networks building
  • Education / Seminars
Inquiries from NPOs / NGOs are also welcomed.
Founded on
Jun 03, 2019
6.03 mJPY
heddi谷 英nabbisen@nabbisen
Kitahama, Chuo-ku (ward), Osaka, JAPAN
happy people

Our Vision


Variety of things or events, also people concerned with them, have been getting to be linked with each other. The interactions are occurring and spreading beyond borders, which have both speed and power, and also balance, sometimes rough and sometimes fine. In 2020s, such borderless connection and communication will be more accelated with the growth of modern basic technologies such as cloud computing, AI and federation.

Security and Sustainability

Variety of information about business or daily life are combined in coordinated fashions in the cloud via networking. Cybersecurity is much more important in such a phase these days in order to protect our utilities and privacy. Scqr Inc. considers security as one of the most important components in ICT systems. Our goal is to carry out both proactive security and comfortable performance.

At the same time, AI has been remarkably improved by machine learning studies with big data. Therefore, we can now count on computers to deal with more and harder tasks. Thus, when designing new systems, it is essential to not only just know about "what they can do" but understand "what is the goal and how is the priority". This is why we regard open mindedness and robust design in ICT development.

Our Name and Our Integrity

Our company "Scqr Inc." is named after "Security", "Quality" and "Reliability". They are what we are intended to offer. Furthermore, "q" has another meaning, that is "Question". Each of us has "S"equential "Q"uestions.

We keep efforts to offer "more better" proposals to our clients. Also, we do to make "more better" solutions with collaboration, analysis and endless passion.

Information Security Policy

We protect the information assets given by our clients from threats such as accidents, disasters and crimes. In order to improve our company information security, we work with the following policy.

  1. Management responsibility
    We do our best to improve information security systematically and continuously under the initiative of management.
  2. Improvement of internal system
    We set up information security rules.
  3. Staffs efforts
    We make effort to acquire the knowledge and skills required for information security.
  4. Compliance with legal and contractual requirements
    We intend to comply with laws, regulations, norms and contractual obligations related to information security and meet the expectations of our clients.
  5. Response to violations and accidents
    We do our best to take appropriate measures to prevent recurrence of information security-related legal violations, contract violations, and accidents.

Our Business

We will show our recent activities and so on.

Business Fields

Recent Development

The majority of the examples below are production development, as a part of them is private development for research.


Cloud computing / Enterprise core systems / E-commerce / Big data analysis / Image manipulation / Processes automation / Branding / SEO optimization / Web hosting / Email servers

Cloud / Serverless
AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Glue (+ Apache Spark ) / RedShift / Lambda / ECS / EC2 / VPC / CloudFormation

Google Cloud (GCP, Platform)

GCE / Firebase / Cloud API


Google Flutter / Amazon Amplify / Ionic

Database / Object Storage

MariaDB / PostgreSQL / Oracle + PL/SQL / MinIO / Amazon S3 / Amazon Aurora (RDS) / Amazon DynamoDB

Authentication / Authorization

SSO (Single sign-on) / MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) (2FA) / OAuth 2 / OIDC (OpenID Connect) / SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) / JWT (Json Web Tokens) / Amazon Cognito / Amazon IAM / Auth0 by Okta

Machine Learning

TensorFlow / PyTorch / Amazon SageMaker

Payment / Transfer

Stripe API

Operating Systems

OpenBSD / Linux flavors ( Debian / Amazon Linux / Alpine / Arch ) / FreeBSD


Bash / Ksh / TCSH (C Shell) / Fish


Docker + Docker Compose / Podman / Kubernetes (k8s)

Low-code development


No-code development

AWS Step Functions

RPA (Automation) / Shortcuts / Scrape

(Variety of.)

Programming Languages
General-purpose / Server-side

Rust / Go (Golang) / PHP / Python / C#.NET / JAVA / Haskell / OCaml / Elixir / Deno


JavaScript ( ECMAScript ) / TypeScript

Web Frameworks / Libraries / Models
Backend / Full Stack

Rust Axum|Actix / PHP Symfony / Python Django


Svelte / Solid / Inferno / Vue / React / jQuery / Umbrella / Angular / Mithril / Knockout


SSR (Server-side Rendering) / SPA (Single Page Application) / NPM / Yarn / Webpack / WebAssembly ( Rust's Wasm-bindgen )

OSS Contributions

We have contributed to several open source software communities such as Rust Axum|Actix / PHP Symfony bundles / Red Hat Podman / Microsoft LLM tool / Deno et al.

Qualifications et al.





OpenBSD Support & Consulting
Japan section

Specialized Projects

The websites below introduce our unique services based on our complex technology and experience.

OpenBSD servers and services

Web design / Digital marketing / SEO optimization

Inquery Flow

The overview of brief contact flow is below.


Contact us with the form . We will get back.

Hold a meeting and make confirmation of requirements

We will confirm your wishes and requirements through it

The primary methods of the interactions are assumed email, messaging (chat), or video conferencing.
Make an estimate

We will clearly illustrate the targets for each item and their scopes including conditions

Leaving some parts unclear or ambiguous is afraid to make the risk of causing trouble later. In order to avoid it, we will make each description as specific as possible.
An agreement and a contract

We will submit the estimate to you. When we happily come to an agreement, we will proceed to make the contract. Then our project will take off

The form of the contract will be based on your requirements, our capability and availability. Orders on development or hosting as well as quasi-delegation contracts are available.
When undefined matters or unforeseen circumstances are met, we will make additional interactions for review and consideration together. We are not perfect

Contact Form

Please send your inquiries and consultations from here.


Confirmation of the prerequisite

Business communication with you is based on the use of remote work softwares such as chat and video conferencing.

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