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Scqr Inc.

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Our Company

We are Scqr Inc. We use ICT, information and communication technology, to improve both power and safety of our clients' businesses. We are good at serving detailed consulting and support as well as building secure servers and robust apps.

Social Contributions

We will contribute with "cool brains and warm hearts" to improve our society where children grow up with hope.

The brilliant way
to focus on what you should do

We believe computers have much more possibility to become our awesome partners.

Smart Solutions

We as "Information Technology Strategists" consultant for your business and make plans which we think are suited to you.

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Variety of Fields

Server build, app development, and also automation are available. Here automation means robotic process automation (RPA), and advanced classification and analysis with machine learning.

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Secure and Flexible

We as "System Architects" design robust systems which are secure and capable of long-term operation.

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We are Scqr Inc. We provide ICT solutions to improve both power and safety of our clients' businesses.

We are good at serving detailed consulting and support as well as building secure servers and robust apps.

ICT Consultation

"Where there is a trouble, there is a key to solve it." We will interview your as-is and to-be. Then we will do our best to make solution fitting your situation.


Building Servers, Developing Softwares and also ...

Available are websites for portal, e-commerce, branding and so on. Also, mobile apps, processes automation tools or softwares to manage data, integrate it or analyze it. Server location is selectable: Japan and Switzerland are available. OpenBSD is the default operating system in our servers.

Secure and Robust Systems

Have you ever had something to develop but not to be released, asleep inside? It is unfortunate that not only your money and time but your mind to decide to purchase the computer or the application are. We keep making efforts to produce what works well long and is the beloved used by our clients.






Our Awesome Solutions

We provide various solutions to fit various situations.

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    Portal Site

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    Security Audit

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    EC Site

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    Server Hosting

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    Automation for Productivity

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    Promotion by Design

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    ICT Consultation and Education

Company Profile



Variety of things or events, also people concerned with them, have been getting to be linked with each other. The interactions are occurring and spreading beyond borders, which have both speed and power, and also balance, sometimes rough and sometimes fine. In 2020s, such borderless connection and communication will be more accelated with the growth of modern basic technologies such as 5G and QUIC.

Security and Sustainability

Variety of information about business or daily life are combined in coordinated fashions in the cloud via networking. Cybersecurity is much more important in such a phase these days in order to protect our utilities and privacy. Scqr Inc. considers security as one of the most important components in ICT systems. Our goal is to carry out both proactive security and comfortable performance.

At the same time, AI has been remarkably improved by machine learning studies with big data. Therefore, we can now count on computers to deal with more and harder tasks. Thus, when designing new systems, it is essential to not only just know about "what they can do" but understand "what is the goal and how is the priority". This is why we regard open mindedness and robust design in software development.

Our Name and Our Honesty

Our company "Scqr Inc." is named after "Security", "Quality" and "Reliability". They are what we are intended to offer. Furthermore, "q" has another meaning, that is "Question". Each of us has "S"equential "Q"uestions. We keep efforts to offer "more better" proposals to our clients. Also, we do to make "more better" solutions with collaboration, analysis and endless passion.

Public Information


Business Name

Scqr Inc. (株式会社 セキュリアル)

Business Fields

Consulting on ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
Security Audit
Software Development
Time-limited Project
Migration of systems requiring Internet Explorer (Japanese only.)
Server Build & Hosting
Our Specialty Project
"OpenBSD Consulting and Support" (English and Japanese.)
Holding Seminars / Education
Branding & Promotion
Total Web Design
Our Specialty Project
"Affordance Design Studio" (Japanese only.)

Founded on



Heddi Nabbisen (鍋Heddi谷 英Nabbisen憲) @nabbisen

National Certification (in Japan)
  • Information Technology Strategist
  • Registered Information Security Specialist
  • Systems Architect
  • Real Estate Notary - Exam passed only
Private Certification (in Japan)
  • Global Mathematics Certification - Level Pre-1st


Kitahama, Chuo-ward, Osaka city, Osaka, JAPAN